Review: InKAGnito x The AfterLife

InKAGn!to a 919 artist, producer, and engineer released his project The AfterLife, a fifteen track mixtape exploring the depths of his thoughts in isolation and his journey of the past four months of his life. How he messed up graduating from high school, his ups and downs with love, and how he discovered his mental capabilities is all a part of the scope of this project and venture into the “After Life.”

If you have not already, take a chance to listen to The AfterLife below before continuing on to the project review.


The entire project is produced by inKAGn!to himself which did not surprise me as much as it probably would have say, a couple of years ago, because there has recently been an inclined amount of artists jumping on the boards and taking control. However, inKAGn!to being a proclaimed producer makes me take a closer listen to the style and quality of his beats. On The AfterLife I must say there is not one beat on the project that I deem as “trash” or question after multiple listens. While some beats are better than others, all of them are pretty good. I hear great use of instrumentation with a highlight on symbols, piano, and of course, percussion. “Morning Bleezy” is my personal favorite beat. I love the chill vibe I get from it. The instruments have their way on that one. The last track “Hope” is only an instrumental with intended purposes for it to speak for itself. While I do capture the essence of the track now after many listens, I feel as though on the first play inKAGnito’s intentions did not quite land if he was aiming for a sense of completion, or was right-on if he wanted to leave the listener wandering. I felt it was incomplete until I had a chance to indulge more into the project and personally ask inKAGn!to what his concept was behind that instrumental placement.


I have yet to hear anyone in the local area that sounds like inKAGn!to which is always refreshing. He is not afraid to switch up his rap style, add a melody, dialogue, or sing a hook…all on one track. That’s what added a huge dose of quality to The AfterLife. On almost all of the tracks, inKAGn!to’s flow sounds strategically molded to the beats. The project also has theatrical element that kept me listening. If dialogue was needed for story-telling purposes it was added, ad-libs are where they need to be, his singing on a few tracks is rather melodious, and he always maintained dominance over the instruments. While I can always find artists with a similar flow (Flatbush Zombies-esque), I can hear inKAGN!to’s sincerity and reality through his rap style.


There is some “bad biddies” references but it is not over-loaded with the money, cars and sex talk. I would not go as far as saying that he is “mad lyrical” on this project but he is definitely a story-teller with his words.There is no such thing as too personal, right? If so, inKAGn!to goes there. I feel like I know alot about him, things that he probably would not reveal upon first meeting a stranger like myself. I know about his lifestyle and his struggle with graduation, I know about his dark thoughts, his relationship battles and got a look inside his emotional mind state. While every track is not deep or dark, I feel inKAGn!to is best when he is rapping about his personal battles. The lyrics seem to roll right off of his tongue and capture a sense of realness that brings the content full circle.

My Jams

“Morning Bleezy”


“Golden” (feat. Bizzy Vickers)


3.5/5- I believe that you have to be in a certain mood or listen to the project several times in order to fully connect with The AfterLife. The theatrical elements keep the listener entertained but the depths of inKAGn!to’s topics is not something I personally grasped initially. Some beats are better than others, but all together the production is solid and inKAGN!to’s flow is personalized as he switches it up and add other elements to his sound that wraps the project together.

I am interested in how inKAGn!to will choose to follow up from his very first project The AfterLife. Hopefully he will have some new tunes for us in time for summer! What do you think about inKAGn!to’s project? Comment below.

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