JopauL New Release “Time of My Life”

“The Flo Rida is strong with this one”, observed Darth Vader. Even though he didn’t really say that he may have if they ever film a “Star Wars: Time of My Life” movie. Whereas Star Wars is densely populated with clones in the white battle armor of the intergalactic Storm Troopers uniform, I suspect that Jopaul was put into a recording studio with the intention of turning him into a Flo Rida clone. Musically it’s hard to deny.

Jopaul’s “Time of My Life” is genetically the same brand of EDM, hip-hop and hip house that Flo Rida built his career on beginning back in 2008. This should be expected since Dominic Durham, who was Flo Rida’s musical director, produced Jopaul’s entire album. I guess the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree in the enchanted entertainment forest.

It’s not unusual for an artist’s early work to be derivative of earlier artists in the business. Sometimes it’s hard to define the thin line that divides being influenced by from the borrowing or stealing ideas, words and/or music. It happens all the time. The trick is if you want to be successful at it then you have to make whatever influences you borrow or steal truly your very own.

The good news is that Jopaul does manage to use what he takes from Flo Rida, and like a medically spliced gene, combine it with Pitbull’s style to create his own sound. It’s almost as if Flo Rida and Pitbull had an offspring together, you guessed it, it would have turned out to be none other than a bouncing baby Jopaul. Disturbing, but interesting.


Melding the two other entertainer’s qualities the overall result is that “Time of My Life” successfully comes off as being fun, fast, and funky. Full of strong beats, sharp hooks, razor like riffs and some original tongue-in-cheek wordplay Jopaul proves that what he takes from others he makes his own. That in itself is no minor creative feat.

“Time of My Life” is a relatively strong debut for a new artist. It will be interesting to see if Jopaul evolves. He’s not on tour at this time so it’s hard to be sure if he’s much more than just a studio rat. At this stage of his early career he should certainly step out on to the stage and into the spotlight so we can be sure if he really has the goods. Will he? Only time will tell.

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