May I Suggest A Robust Little Jar Jar Binks Burgundy With Your Film?

Anyone in the film industry will tell you that since the availability of home movie rentals that it’s become progressively more difficult to attract viewers to move theaters. First there were video rentals, then Blu-ray discs and DVDs and then followed the current craze of Internet streaming of relatively new major films. So what’s the average Cineplex owner to do? Well, just like Emeril Lagasse, “BAAM!!!” they’ve kicked it up a notch.

Last night a few movie theaters in Redway, California, decided to launch the premier of the latest Star Wars installment, “The Force Awakens” by coupling the cosmic classic with a connoisseur wine tasting experience. Just think, the humble movie house usher elevated to the lofty level of cinematic sommelier.

Shiraz Wars anyone? Or what about a Skywalker Pinot Noir? No? Then perhaps a C-3PO Cabernet would be more appropriate for your palate, or an R2-D2 Riesling. What about a Princess Leia Chardonnay or a sip of a Hans Solo Sauvignon? The possibilities are as endless as the stars so far, far away.

Not quite sure if this trend will continue with other new movie blockbuster releases but I’m all for it. What most of us enjoy the most about watching films at home, aside from being able to pause, stop, rewind and fast-forward, is the freedom to imbibe the beverage of our choice as we watch. With that being said, while most of us are not opposed to popping the cork out of a single bottle at a time, few of us would bother sampling a variety of various vineyard selections in a single sitting.

So this innovation certainly falls into a tasty and intoxicating new category of cinematic creativity. Couple this creation with gourmet artisanal cheese covered popcorn at theaters and I’d bet the Millennium Falcon cruiser that those Cineplex owners would have ticket buyers waiting in line around the block and their movie house seats filled to capacity year round again.

One word of warning, or advice depending how you look at it. As any usher/sommelier would remind you: to fully enjoy the palatable cinematic experience remember to spit – not swallow. Enough said!

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