What’s Killing Off Cooking Schools In The USA?

It’s now official. All 16 of the 115 year-old Paris, France, born Le Cordon Bleu culinary schools are turning off their ovens and pulling the plugs on the refrigerators at the famed institutions. With tuition costs ranging from $16,000 to almost $43,000 a year (according to their current catalog) to attend the connoisseur cooking classes I guess it should come as no surprise why this scholarly soufflé finally fell.

While students currently in attendance will be allowed to complete their programs to complete their delicious degrees the Career Education Corporation, which owns the brand known as Le Cordon Bleu, will stop enrolling new students after the end of this year. Alas, we guess that’s just the way the croissant crumbles in the wicked world of haute-cuisine.

Like other career schools in America new federal regulations, rising food costs and the skyrocketing expense of commercial kitchens are responsible for the closing of the legendary Le Cordon Bleu. Now word is available as to any last minute corporate takeovers that could save this savory establishment.

Wait! Did you hear that too? Listen, listen very carefully. Unlike some pulp fiction detective adventure there’s no mystery as to what that eerie audio emanation is. I do believe that’s the sound of Julia Child rolling over in her grave. Bon voyage to bon appétit in the USA. Sigh!!!!

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