Traction – “Find Another One”

The artist, Traction, aka Traction Music, is a master at mixing and blending musical genres. As exemplified by her latest single, “Find Another One”, she is comfortable and adept with combining House, EDM, Pop, New World, Techno, UG with hints of Jamaican Wine-Up dance style to give birth to a sound so well balanced and fresh that it leaves you wondering why no one else had even thought to do so before.

Her voice is sensuous and sultry as a warm Atlantic breeze. She glides seamlessly like a skater on the ice from a throaty head voice to rich full bodied tones powerfully delivered from the diaphragm. While I’m unsure if this is a result of years of vocal pedagogy, or simply natural talent, I will venture to access that it’s probably a combination of both.

“Find Another One” is a carefully crafted song about the heartbreak of being dumped by someone you love. It almost sounds as if it is advice from a friend being gently given to a lovelorn survivor of a broken relationship. Words of consolation are coupled with concern and a repeated plaintive of “Don’t worry, don’t worry.”

As the tune progresses it builds in both emotion and intensity. Traction’s command of dynamics is matched by her no-nonsense interpretation of the subject matter she sings about. Once she arrives at the chorus she’s established a tasteful rhythmic Pop Reggae backbeat, but takes care not to let it overpower the overall dance-club groove established in the opening verses. By the time she seductively slinks into the bridge of the song she’s caught us with hook, line and sinker.

Now residing in Miami, Florida, Traction was fortunate enough to align herself with Chicago powerhouse KES Music & Video Distribution and NMAP (National Advertising & Promotions, LLC) for this release. They’ve successfully managed to impact both mainstream and college radio with the single and have the world waiting and wanting more from Traction. I believe the outcome of this long distance union has provided Traction with the necessary traction to take the next step up in her career.

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