No Fly Zone Magazine Exclusive Interview With Velvet Insane

Velvet Insane is a Swedish rock band that’s been touring the world since 2014. Taking time out from their busy schedule inside the studio and on the road they took a few minutes off to sit down and chat with our No Fly Zone staff of audiophiles. Here within is what transpired:

NFZ: Please introduce yourselves to our readers and tell us a bit about who does what in Velvet Insane.

Velvet Insane: My name is Jesper Lindgren, I’m a pretty short but charming young man with a twinkle in my eye, not both of my eyes, only my left eye, far up to the left, there you can see an actual twinkle. Anyways, in the band are Tobias Reimbertsson (drums), Jonas Eriksson (vocals), Niklas Henriksson (Bass) and myself (guitar). We´re from a small town in Sweden called Östersund.

NFZ: How long have you been together as a band and how did the band form?
Velvet Insane
Velvet Insane: We have been together since 2013, I was putting on a charity concert in Östersund and needed a band to play with, and one day I stumbled on Jonas. We started to write songs right away that we played for that charity concert, we later met Niklas and Tobias and now we are here playing this energetic, sweaty rock n roll all over the world together.

NFZ: You guys go out on the road a lot and perform. You’re not just studio rats, in other words musicians who record but rarely play live. Where have you been, what have you done, and what have you learned along the way?

Velvet Insane: From day one it was important for us to tour. That is what we like to do, to play as many shows as we can all over the world. We have been to Australia, Japan, Europe and America, have learned a lot, really grown as people in every way, it has been very important for us. Everyone should do a world tour.

NFZ: What’s the music scene like in Sweden?

Velvet Insane: It’s great, but a little boring. Rock is pretty huge here, a lot of great venues and festivals but not many new and interesting bands.

NFZ: When you’re back home do you have a favorite venue where you like to play?

Velvet Insane: We love to play at G3 in our hometown and also Rockebo in Åre. We have played at both venues a few times and it has been a blast. So those are our favorites for sure.

NFZ: You’ve just completed and released your first album. Instead of giving it a title you simply named after yourselves. Why?

Velvet Insane: The album is about so many things, like love, hate, death, rebirth and a lot more. All the images and the songs are like different colors that together creating a painting. A painting that you can´t put only one name on, so that’s why we named it by the band name.

NFZ: How long did it take you to record it and which song of the 10 tracks was either the most difficult to write or record and why?

Velvet Insane: We started the recording of the album during the end of August last year, and it was finished in December so it took as a few months but we were also touring both in Spain and USA over that period. So…

The hardest song to record I must say was “Six Steps Away”. It’s a simple song, but it was really hard to get the right feelings and emotion on it.

NFZ: Your “Break Out Of Eden” EP did quite well last year on American radio. We heard it a lot on the stations here in New York City. How did you manage to break into the US market and was it difficult to do so as a Swedish group?Velvet Insane

Velvet Insane: We have worked towards that since the start of this band, taken it step by step, a little at a time. It´s all about that, don’t rush things and work really hard on building contacts. It´s all about the contacts.

I don’t think it matters if you’re from Sweden or any other country, what´s important is the music, a good song is a good song and if you’re making good songs people want to hear them. That together with a bit of luck and a lot of hard work, but yes it’s always a challenge.

NFZ: Your new album, “Velvet Insane” seems to be getting some good attention here from members of the media and their audiences. How does that make you feel?

Velvet Insane: It’s a dream come true, it feels wonderful, really, and it’s a wonderful feeling, but also a little weird, it´s pretty hard to take in. But great, really great!

NFZ: Every band has a resident clown. You know, the guy who’s always joking around making everyone else in the group laugh. Who’s the jester in Velvet Insane?

Velvet Insane: That’s a hard question; we all crack a lot of jokes from time to time. It all depends on who got the most feeling that day. But I would say Niklas, he´s pretty funny when he´s not hungry, tired or sick after eating something bad. He´s also “Mr. Bad Foodluck” in the band. Every band needs that person.

NFZ: I guess the same could be said about the guy in the band who attracts the ladies when you’re on the road. Who’s the Romeo in Velvet Insane?

Velvet Insane: That’s also Niklas, he´s everything. But when he´s up on stage, strutting around and not complaining about being sick after eating something bad he´s making the girls go crazy.

NFZ: What are some things that you fans don’t know about you guys and would probably surprise them?

Velvet Insane: Hmm… that we eat a lot of chips on tour. But I think that any person that follows this band knows that by now. Besides the chips thing, I don´t think that people know that Tobias and Niklas have the funniest nicknames, at least we think they’re funny. Tobias is called “Tobie-The-Pilot”, because he has an email account with that name, and Niklas is called “Nicke Med Page”, (in Swedish that means “Nicke With The Pageboy Haircut”), because it sounds like Nicki Minaj. Besides our music, I don’t think there really is anything important to know about us.

NFZ: How can people follow and stay in touch with Velvet Insane?

Velvet Insane: You can follow us on social media, fb (, Instagram, twitter, etc… We also have a website ( Send us a message or email. We love to talk with our fans and keep in touch that way. Thank you for a great interview!

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