Exclusive No Fly Zone Magazine Interview with Beat Author & Melanie Munoz

Record producers Cristofer Author and Brian Cohen use Beat Author, their alter-egos, as a platform for new up and coming artists to create quality art to be shared and enjoyed by music fans. Melanie Munoz is their latest discovery and the featured vocalist on their current single titled “Breathe”. This talented trio took a few minutes off from their busy stage and studio schedules to meet and speak with us here at No Fly Zone Magazine.

NFZ: Tell us who you are, how you got together, and where you’re planning to go this year.

Brian Cohen: We met Melanie while she was performing at a scholarship fundraiser. We were immediately blown away by her vocal skills and approached her after her the performance. Two weeks later we sent her “Breathe” and she agreed to sing the song for us. This song’s taken off since and we hope our fans enjoy it. To follow “Breathe” we are going to release our third single from our upcoming album “The Album’’ called “Spinning Around”. It’s a more up-tempo pop song to show a different side of Melanie’s beautiful voice. Then, to follow the Beat Author album, Beat Author will go on to produce Melanie’s freshman album which we hope to release sometime around the summer of 2018.

Melanie Munoz: I’m a recent graduate in education and I am a 23 year old singer songwriter. I met Brian and Chris through a fundraiser for the BEYOND Scholarship Foundation. We’ve been working together on some new music, including this new single, and I think we’re planning to play some shows along the east coast and work on my album.

NFZ: What was it like for Beat Author to work with Melanie Munoz on “Breathe”?

Cristofer Author: It was amazing working with Melanie, she’s a natural talent. She turned the task of recording her vocals into a wonderful experience. Melanie brought a lot of energy and smiles to the atmosphere and was a joy to work with.

NFZ: Melanie, what was it like for you to work with the Beat Author crew?

Melanie Munoz: It was a surreal experience and continues to be so much fun to work with all in the Beat Author crew. Everyone has been extremely supportive, welcoming and friendly, easy to work with, and everyone is really talented which is awesome. Brian and Chris are very professional. We have a lot of work to get done and still to come. “Breathe” is my first original song released worldwide and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results and support we are receiving for it. I’m very fortunate that I’ve gotten this opportunity to work with such talent and that I can continue to work with them in the future and create a lot of cool music.

NFZ: You have a record release party coming up for you’re new single pretty soon. Is it open to the public, and if so, how do we join the party?

Melanie Munoz: It is 100% open to the public and everyone can purchase tickets for the event on Eventbrite.com. The direct link for the party is available on my Facebook page, Melanie Munoz, as well as on the Facebook page for Beat Author. I’m really excited to be performing the song for everyone and I hope to see you there! It’s going to be a dope party, with lots of fun people, and a lot of entertainment.

Cristofer Author: We are inviting everyone to come and celebrate our amazing song, “Breathe”. The release party will take place next Wednesday on June 28th at Chris Michaels (40 Oakwood Avenue, Woodbridge, NJ, 07095). WKTU’s DJ Lil Cee will be in the house spinning for the event so if you love great music then this is the place you’ll want to be on that night.

Brian Cohen: A few tickets are still available and you can grab what’s left online at: www.eventbrite.com/e/breathe-release-party-tickets-34827479930, or take your chances at the door. We can’t wait to celebrate this night with everyone who is coming to our release party!

NFZ: What up next on the music menu for Beat Author’s new releases.

Brian Cohen: We have an album that we’re releasing later this year and our follow up single for Melanie is “Spinning Around”. After the Beat Author album we will go on to produce Melanie’s first album and we hope to release it by the summer of 2018.

NFZ: If Beat Author could do an in-studio collaboration with anyone out there, Brian, who would it be for you?

Brian Cohen: There are many great artists I would love to work with, but I would have to say I’m a huge fan of Jay-z would be my #1.

NFZ: Cristofer, what about you?

Cristofer Author: It would be Chris Brown, he’s an amazing talent. Ever since he came out with his music I’ve always wanted to work with him. The music that we’d create together would be next level.

NFZ: How about you, Melanie?

Melanie Munoz: My top picks would be Hozier, or Young the Giant, or even Khalid. I really look up to any artist in today’s world that puts out something to unite people and spread as much love as possible.

NFZ: Beat Author now has two singles under their belt featuring different artists on the microphone. Will this be the basic modus operandi for the rest of the tracks on your upcoming album?

Cristofer Author: Yes, all of our songs on The Beat Author Album will be featuring other artist. Some new artists we are introducing to the world and some already in the industry. We are putting together a ‘producers’ album featuring some of the best artists known and unknown. This album is our introduction to the world, and it will be filled with nothing but hits.

NFZ: How have you linked up with the artists you’ve been collaborating with?

Brian Cohen: We met Melanie at a charity event. Some artists we cross paths with and some of the artists we are reaching out to for collaborations and/or features for our upcoming album.

Cristofer Author: We always encourage writers and musicians to submit demos to be considered for our album and the various artists we work with. So, what you waiting for – hit us up!

NFZ: Cristofer, what would be something about you that Beat Author fans would be surprised to know?

Cristofer Author: That’s a secret, so I’d have to kill anyone who I told it to – lol!

NFZ: Melanie, you have any surprises in your closet?

Melanie Munoz: No surprises – I practice and I come prepared. But, I am a songwriter as well, and I’ll have some Spanish music coming your way within the year to celebrate my Cuban pride. Well, maybe this is the surprise you were asking about; my inspiration as a spirit animal would have to be Kristin Wiig.

NFZ: Brian, dig up the dirt and tell us one of your secrets.

Brian Cohen: Ha-ha! My one secret is, and I’ve told many aspiring artists and producers the same thing over and over again, “Put a talented team together”. For me it’s all about the vibe in the room. When talented artists, musicians and writers all get the opportunity to be themselves in the same room for one day the results can be timeless.

NFZ: How can people follow and stay in touch with you guys?

Melanie Munoz: Facebook page: www.facebook.com/MelanieRaeMunoz

Brian Cohen: You can contact us on our website: www.beatauthor.com

Cristofer Author: Facebook: www.facebook.com/beatauthor or www.instagram.com/beatauthor, and Twitter: twitter.com/beat_author
And hey, don’t forget to come to our record release party next week!

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