Exclusive No Fly Zone Magazine Interview With Romeo M

Afro-World Music-Hip-Hop recording artist Romeo M is a man of few words, and some rather unique ideas. Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, we present Rome M…

NFZ: Please tell us about yourself, where you’re from and what you do.

Rome M: My name is Romeo M; I’m from Congo (DRC) and was raised in South Africa. I’m an artist musician. 

NFZ: You now live in Cincinnati, OH, but you were originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. What was it like growing up there? 

Rome M: It’s was not easy journey, things are hard in Africa is not like America.

NFZ: What’s the music scene like in Africa?

Rome M: It’s something we like. We enjoy music with our family gatherings and we entertain ourselves with all kind of music

NFZ: What’s the music scene like in Cincinnati?

Rome M: People love music, all kinds of different music.

NFZ: When did you get into the music business and what was it that got you started?

Rome M: I had a talent to entertain people. In 2001 is when I started to be serious with music. Because it was something I love and enjoyed doing it.

NFZ: What are your thoughts regarding the current state of the entertainment industry and is there anything you’d like to see changed?

Rome M: The entertainment industry is good, but is not easy to breakthrough. You need to work hard to become well known, especially when you come from outside the country.

NFZ: You’ve just completed and released a record called, “Tracker Love”. What inspired you to write it?

Rome M: Every man wants to know whether your woman is going where she said she is going, so I thought if we can put a tracker on our loved ones we will know every move they make.

NFZ: Well, that certainly takes the art of stalking to another level! Not quite sure of the legal complexities involved with that but we’ll just leave that little tidbit to the attorneys, I guess. In general, what inspires you to write music?

Rome M: True stories, to experience things that are happening around us.

NFZ: Are you involved with any activist issues, political causes or charities you feel passionate about or participate in?

Rome M: I would like to do charity work. I believe in giving back and helping other people, especially the young kids. I was doing the charity in South Africa, so I would like to do it here in America.

NFZ: What is something about you that your fans don’t know about you and would probably surprise them?

Rome M: I have a daughter. She is 6 months old and her name is Grace.

NFZ: If you could choose to record with any artist, living or dead, who would that be and why?

Rome M: Puff Daddy, Akon or Michael Jackson, because their music inspired me and the world.

NFZ: Is there anyone you’d like to do live performances with?

Rome M: Akon, Puff Daddy, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Beyoncé and LMFAO.

NFZ: How can people follow and stay in touch with you?

Rome M: People can follow me on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/romeonsega).




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