Swing Your Body Ft. Aaeidi by Maggie Bushiri

Maggie Bushiri is a Congolese born American Rapper, songwriter and Actress based in Los Angeles, CA. She gathered a nice social media following after being cast in a bullying commercial that went viral on Facebook. In early 2015, Maggie discovered her love for rap and started to write and produce songs. She earned public attention after releasing her first single “Fly Like That” in late 2016 to her Soundcloud account. She released her second single “Swing Your Body” off of her 4 songs EP on June 30th, 2017. It was written by Maggie and produced by Matt Margallo & Shaun Day. The track, which has an awesome beat that further complements Maggie’s incredible flow, was mastered by Sage Audio.

The music video for Swing Your Body was shot in Los Angeles CA on July 11th and the 12th, 2017. The first location was Venice and Santa Monica beach. The second and third location of the video took place at a bar in downtown Los Angeles and in a studio with an all-white drop off in Burbank. Most of the scenes that made it to the final edited were not previously planned. Maggie came up with most of her new ideas for different scenes in the middle of shooting. Aaeidi, who is also featured in the video, is the lead singer in a band called The Girl and The Glory. Emmanuel Ojerlakhi, the guy that plays the main character is an actor known for “In Da Cute”, “The Coed” and “The Zombie Stoner”. All the dancing is choreographed by Jonathan Jolon & Perla Jolon, a brother and sister team.

Check out the video and if you live in LA you can watch Maggie Bushiri perform live. She will be on the stage with Hollywood Poets, Saturday, October 21, 8 PM PDT at Catch 56 in Hollywood. Show hosted by Ideas Aubrey.

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