No Fly Zone Magazine Interview With Dyggz

Ladies and gentlemen, it is our pleasure to introduce you to Dyggz!

NFZ: Is there a story behind the origin of your stage name?

 I got the name Dyggz (pronounced Diggs) in junior high school when I told my boy KP (still by my side today) I was going to make rap Albums that went Diamond (10 Million sales). He said you gonna have to really dig! He started calling me Digs, and the name stuck!

NFZ: So, where are you originally from?

 I was born in St Ann Bay Jamaica When I was 2 my family moved to Hartford, CT.

NFZ: Where are you now and where are you planning to go?

I have lived in Virginia, Atlanta, Costa Mesa, CA, and currently reside in Dallas,TX. I have created a fan base in Dallas. I love the city, the people and its great underground music scene. It is close to Austin,TX where there is also an awesome music scene. My first single 4real4real has gotten such a great response and my live performances have been creating more and more fans for me. My next plan is to expand out to other markets. I have a performance in Brooklyn, NY, on April 29th. I am very excited.

NFZ: Could you tell about your current as well as past releases?

My single 4real4real is my first commercial release. It is a fun song about my dedication to my craft. It is an introduction to who I am (that is, an awesome lyrical rapper in my humble opinion – LOL!) and  about making well thought songs with great lyrics, catchy hooks and banging beats. The song has gotten so much love from people. There are no words that can explain the feeling when someone tells you they enjoy your music. My #1 goal is to give people value with my music. I want to make phenomenal rap music that pushes the art form forward.

NFZ: You’ve been on the Mad Man Tour with Denzel Curry and ASAP Ferg as well appearing a SXSW a few weeks ago. What was that like?

I got to perform on the TX leg of the Mad Man Tour. It was such a great experience to be around professionals of the game like Denzel and Ferg. I got to see how they prepare for their shows and the work ethic it takes to put on touring shows. I got to perform in front of larger crowds and the energy  they give during your performance is incredible. I had a blast. I also performed at SXSW. It is located in Austin, TX which is a great music city. I got to perform in front of a diverse crowd of music lovers. It was the best experience I have had as a musician.

NFZ: How did you get into the music business and what was it that got you started?

At a very early age I knew what  he wanted to be… a great rap artist. While in elementary school I heard 90’s rap being played by my Uncle. As the the third of four children I got to spend plenty of time alone listening to my uncle’s rap music collection. I learned every word to every song on the Wu-Tang Clan’s first album Enter the Wu-Tang Clan (36 Chambers). My Uncle would often bring his friends around who would watch in amazement as his 6 year old nephew would recite every word to Wu songs like M-E-T-H-O-D- M-A-N & C.R.E.A.M. My Uncle’s friends would often say “Lil Man, you are going to be a big time rapper one day”… I would say “ Yes I am!” I feel I have been in the rap business since 6 years old

NFZ: Any thoughts regarding the current state of the entertainment industry and are there any things you’d like to change?

The only change I would like to see is that some of these new rap artist show respect to the the pioneers who came before them. Rap is a genre of music that doesn’t get a lot of respect in my opinion. Some of this is due to fact there is no sence of tradition in the music. Without this the art form itself cannot move forward. For example, at the core of rock music is the great guitarist (Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen etc.) If some new rock artist was a crappy guitarist who said he didn’t respect Hendrix or Van Halen, but his songs were “real”,  he could still have fans of his music, but his music wouldn’t be considered rock. At the core of rap the lyricist is just like the guitarist in rock. Rap needs an ambassador of the art, of the music, to speak about the artistic aspects of genre and I have decided to accept job.

NFZ: Do you have another release in the works? If so, can you tell us a bit about it and when it’s slated to hit the streets?

My next single, #UKNEWTB, will be released at the beginning of May. It has been getting a similar response to my first single when I perform it at my shows. It is has an usual live band type of beat that some wouldn’t believe would work in today’s music environment, but it DOES! Because I make music without boundaries and always pushing the envelope. This song does exactly that with a catchy hook and infectious beat.

NFZ: What inspires you in your life and in your work?

My inspiration is to bring value to the world by inspiring others to live their dreams. I have the pleasure of waking up every day to do what I love to do… make music. So many people in this world are living stress filled empty lives doing things they think they have to do to have material things they think they have to have. If I can reach one person with my music and help that person learn to enjoy their life doing what they want to do, surrounded by people who care about them, then I would have made a person wealthy and that keeps me inspired

NFZ: Are you involved with any political issues, activist causes or charities you feel passionate about or participate in?

Politics aren’t me because it separates people. I am passionate about human beings coming together and all of us living our best lives. Different views on the same topic is OK. But politics put those views in opposition of each other and I don’t believe it that. You can totally disagree with everything I just said, and I will respect and listen to your opinion, and maybe I will learn something.

NFZ: What is something about you that Dyggz fans don’t know and would probably surprise them?

I was an exceptional basketball player until I broke my hip during freshman year of college. It was the greatest thing to ever happen me because it humbled me and made me realize what is important in life. Which is who you are not is what you do.

NFZ: Which artist, living or dead, could choose to record with and why?

Bob Marley, because my father loved his music so much. I would like to make songs with Bob Marley for him.

NFZ: Is there anyone you’d like to share the stage with?

Soooo many people I would love to share the stage with. But to narrow it down to one: The Roots! They are incredible musicians. We would jam so hard, and Black Thought & I on the same track, WHOO!! It would be siiiiick!

NFZ: How can people follow and stay in touch with you?

You can reach me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all under Dyggz, or my website,  or put positive vibes in the air. I am always somewhere near positive vibes. If u read all the way down to my final answer first of all thank you, and it was meant for me to tell you from the Universe anything you want is possible if you believe and work for it.

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