No Fly Zone Magazine Exclusive Interview With Darrell Kelley

The No Fly Zone Magazine staff was blessed to have the opportunity to have a discussion with the Bishop Darrell Kelley. We know you’ll enjoy the many facets of this multi-talented musician.

NFZ: You were born in Boston then moved to Georgia. Why the South?

I moved to the south because my family originally came from North Carolina and I love that good old southern feeling in the south that people are taught to have manners and respect: thank you sir, yes ma’am.

NFZ: Of the many things you’re involved with you also own Soul Delicious, a pretty popular restaurant. Tell us how that came about?

I had a thrift store next-door and the old owners of my restaurant were Chinese. So it was a Chinese restaurant before and I asked them could I take it over and they agreed. People would walk into my new restaurant and say, “We thought this was Chinese”, and I’d reply. “No we’re Blackanese!” Eventually we changed the name of the restaurant to Soul Delicious

NFZ: Then there’s the book you published, The Book of UWGEAM? What’s the story behind that?

There are 4200+ religions in the world and we are divided because of color and religion. The book talks about love, unity and acceptance, and it states that we should love each other regardless of what religion we are and where we come from.

NFZ: Last but not least, you’re also a church Pastor. What led you to do that?

I have a love for people.

NFZ: Now, let’s get down to discussing your music. Could you tell about your current release, Storm Is Coming?

I had written the storm is coming because there are a lot of bad things that are going on in this world today; violence and war, disasters, destructive weather, etc., etc… What I’m saying is that a storm is coming, and what I mean by that is we need to be closer to God and we need to be closer to each other and we need to appreciate the things that we have because tomorrow is not promised.

NFZ: What motivated you in the writing and recording process?

Love does, and most importantly, God.

NFZ: Can you share with us the artists who’ve inspired your career?

There’s so many! There’s Patti LaBelle, Michael Jackson, Prince, Lenny Williams, Michael McDonald, and George Michael too. I mean the list can go on and on and on.

NFZ: Any thoughts regarding the current state of the entertainment industry and are there any things you’d like to change?

I would change all the hatred in music which blames society for other people’s situations I believe that if we come together as one we can change the way our world is. Most importantly, in order to do that, people also have to change.

NFZDo you have another release in the works? If so, can you tell us a bit about it and when it’s slated to hit the streets?

I have three other releases that we are working on right now and they will be released this month. They are: A Man of God, Sit Your Rump Down and Oh Lord I Need A Favor Shut Her Up.

NFZ: Are you involved with any political issues, activist causes or charities you feel passionate about or participate in?

I have my own charity and I help people with random acts of kindness. You can check out what it’s all about at:

NFZ: What is something about you that Darrell Kelley fans don’t know and would probably surprise them?

That I love everyone equally and I will die for anyone for a good reason.

NFZ: How can people follow and stay in touch with you?

They can follow me on Twitter: UWGEAM LLC; or on Instagram: UWGEAM LLC. They can even follow me home and I won’t call that stalking, I’ll call it love.

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