E4T Talks About “How Can I Lose”

Brooklyn, NY, rappers Milly H and Sleepy Hoolie of E4T are in the house for a No Fly Zone Magazine exclusive interview.

NFZ: What’s the story behind the name E4T?

 Milly H: Well the story behind E4T all started the day my cousin was killed. I could never forget, it hurt me so much because I grew up with him . And when he first heard me rap he wanted me to make a certain song for him, it was a remix to Wiz Khalifa’s “Roll Up” song , LOL, but I never got to record it so that made me think from there on I would do every song and everything for teddy: E4T. 

NFZ: How did both of you meet?

Milly H: Me and Sleepy met each other around 2013 or so and my cousin brought him around us. We started smoking and chilling and then that turned into me hearing his music and us writing together .

NFZ: At what age did the two of you beginning rapping and why?

Sleepy Hoolie: I can say I started rapping around age 11 . It’s so crazy. I was a huge bow wow fan when he first hit the rap game and I dressed like him with the headbands and velour sweat shirts and I had braids too, LOL, then I realized if I can rap his music I should be able to make my own.

Milly H: My dad was also a musician and my mothers always sing when she cooks and stuff like that so It kinda rubbed off on me.

NFZ: How old are each of you now?

Sleepy Hoolie: No comment. LOL!

NFZ: Tell us about your current single.

Milly H: “How Can I Lose” the single was created on a average day me and Sleepy was smoking and listening to beats. When we came across this one, for some reason, I had a crazy melody in my head. So I let Sleepy hear it and he started writing his verse immediately. I wrote my verse, but I didn’t like it at first, so I wrote the verse over during the session and it the song just became a blast with the catchy melody and auto tune.    

NFZ: Was “How Can I Lose” difficult to record, and if so, why?

Milly H: No it actually wasn’t at first. Sleepy didn’t think he could sing out in his voice so I told him to just try it and he ran through the verse it came out just right.

Sleepy Hoolie: Now when we had to go re-record the track for the radio version it was hard to get the same vocals I once had because the time periods from when I did the song to when we had to do an edited version.

NFZ: Who writes the words and music for your songs?

Milly H: Nobody! And I repeat, nobody but me and Sleepy

Sleepy Hoolie: We would never run out of music or words for our fans friends or family to hear. 

NFZ: Do you have another release in the works? If so, can you tell us a bit about it and when it’s slated to hit the streets?

Sleepy Hoolie: Of course! We stay with bangers up the sleeve, and we are about to do some new concepts and sound.

Milly H: Be on the lookout for some reggae vibes and other hot genres featuring ourselves and other label mates soon.

NFZ: What’s the story behind how you got signed to Pretty Money Records?

 We liked the deal they put on the table so we signed.

NFZ: Any particular artists who’ve inspired your career?

Milly H: I would say Drake inspired my music career.

NFZ: What is something about each of you that your fans don’t know and would probably surprise them?

Milly H: Most of my fans might think I’m a partying guy, but on my off days I just lay down and watch old school movies and smoke.

Sleepy Hoolie: We are looking forward to start contributing and hopefully doing our own great charities for the communities all over. We came from the bottom, so we know how it feels to have a rich successful person around, but we wasn’t use to them always giving back or helping us as young men on the block. So I want to change lives one day and become that person the kids look up to in a way

NFZ: How can people follow and stay in touch with you?

Milly H: You can follow us through our label https://www.prettymoneyrecords.company



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