An Exclusive Interview With Mr. Flamboyant

He’s as busy as a bee on the first day of spring and as multi-talented as an artist could be. Mr. Flamboyant is in the No Fly Zone Magazine house and he’s got a lot to say.

NFZ: Wow, you’re certainly someone who wears a lot of hats, and we don’t mean that figuratively. Please tell our readers everything your involved within the entertainment business.

I’m the CEO of JLAWSON MUSIC GROUP, the CEO of NEW P.L. PUBLISHING/BMI, I’m a Hip Hop artist by the name of Mr. Flamboyant, I’m a music producer, an actor and I model. I am also a radio host for WIGO 1570 AM in Atlanta, GA, as well as MBODYMENT UNDERGROUND RADIO. I also host many different events. I’m a recording and performing artist.

 NFZ: Where might have we seen some of your work as an actor or a model?

 I was on seven seasons of Unnecessary Roughness on USA NETWORK, 4 seasons of Tyler Perry’s, Meet The Browns. I was also in an Oprah HBO Special, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. I was in the Walt Disney Movie, The Odd Life Of Timothy Green, starring Jennifer Garner and Common. I’ve been in the movie, The Change Up starring Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman. I was on the BET show Wayens Family Second Generation. I had a role in the movie Artie staring Billy Crystal. I was in Tyler Perry’s T.V. show For Better or Worse.  I’ve made appearances in several commercials and have modeled in several magazines as well as music videos.

 NFZ: Wow, you really do get around! You were involved as a featured artist on earlier releases by DJ Taz and currently on Lady Queet’s One Hell of a Day single. How did those all come about?

 It was actually DJ Grady Baby’s idea for the song Rise Up, so he and DJ Taz reached out to me. DJ TAZ and I have an extensive history of working together so that’s how it all started with the song Rise Up. I had a family member that reached out to me and suggested that I work with our cousin Lady Queet on a song called One Hell of a Day. Lady Queet contacted me with the idea and sent me the beat. Once I heard the beat it was over! I had to put the flame to it!!

 NFZ: With your group Fulton County where you work with DJ Taz and Kilo Ali whose idea was it to put the band together?

 The idea came from the Flam Boy Ant song featuring Kilo Ali and produced by DJ Taz. Flam Boy Ant was a success and the group was created from there.

 NFZ: What’s it like working with the other members of Fulton County and who does what.

 Kilo and I are the writers and the Rappers and Taz is the Producer and the Engineer, Kilo and I put our ideas together to come up with the video concepts.

 NFZ: Fulton County has an album about to drop. Could you whet our appetites and share with us what we should expect?

You can preorder the album at all digital stores beginning May 29th.  The album will be released on June 19th. You should expect the best compilation album ever heard!

NFZ: Somehow with all everything you do as a performer in the entertainment business you find the time to run a record label and a publishing company. How do you do it and what’s the mission behind each entity?

The mission with the record label is to help develop talented untapped artists and to help them to build their brand as well as to teach them how to build their own empire. I started my own publishing company so I would own all of the rights to my own music. As far as finding time, I set a schedule to balance my time to run the record label and publishing company. It’s definitely about finding that balance.

NFZ: Are you involved in any political causes or charitable actives? If so, which ones and what do they do or hope to achieve?

I’m involved in IAMCHARACTER.ORG, a children’s foundation. I am also the Staff Chairman with Clayton State University Foundation. As far as politics, I don’t get involved with any of that!

NFZ: If you had the power to change anything in this world, what would it be?

 Equality and justice for all people, as well as put an end to homelessness.

NFZ: Any particular artists you would care to work with?

I’m a huge fan of all music. It’s in my veins, my heart, and soul. I would like to work with any and all artist of all music genres.

NFZ: What is something about you that your fans don’t know and would probably surprise them?

I’m pretty open about who I am. I don’t think there is anything that my fans don’t know about me or that would surprise them.

NFZ: How can people follow and stay in touch with you?

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