Tipping My Tinfoil Hat to Darrell Kelley

Darrell Kelley is becoming known for his faith-based releases in conjunction with his ministry and his entrepreneurial endeavors.  Balancing his efforts between being a spiritual leader, author, soul food purveyor and musician, Kelley shows a real knack for focus and effort.  Coming originally from the Northeast, Kelley now calls the south home and you can feel those two influences in his own work. The Pastor seems to be at home addressing the communities of faith from both regions.

On his latest release “Believe in Something (Kneel)” Darrell Kelley dives into the raging waters of controversy in the USA culture. There seems to be a predominately Marxist democrat left wing message in the underlying verses and choruses supporting Marxist democrat activist positions staked out by media darlings like Colin Kaepernick. Calling for the impeachment of a sitting United States President for having a non-Marxist democrat point of view is really clearly defining his own position. While it is a matter of “free speech”, there are other non-Marxist points of view that need to be freely heard as well.

Sacrificing everything is simply not needed in US Politics at this moment. The rhetoric needs to be toned downed and it is a message even preachers should heed in the pursuit honest discourse.  Ruining others that disagree is what Marxist democrats have consistently done over the years. This tactic is the bedrock of the majority of strife and conflict today, politically. No one gets mad about an American kneeling in praise of God. Except the Marxist democrats who mocked Tim Tebow for giving it up to God, on the football field.  America in general rejects the Marxism that is at the root of Kaepernick’s protest tactics designed to create a “spectacle”.

The Pastor even falls into lock step with the left’s illusion that they should tell others what behaviors need to be stopped. The only thing Americans “need” to do, is to make their own determinations regarding who they vote for and to ignore the subtle propaganda tactics of those on radio and in television.  This is one more message from the mindset of the Marxist left. Let’s see if the Pastor releases a song that addresses the viewpoints of the non-Marxist group of freedom loving Americans. That would be an interesting contrast to hear. Because most fair minded Americans really do like to have an in-depth airing of both positions, before making a decision.  Kudos to Pastor Kelley for clearly staking a stand, not a knee.  It is good to know what others think.

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