Darrell Kelley’s I’m So High Video

Darrell Kelley is getting higher and higher on many levels these days. From the output of his musical creations to the amount of radio play and publicity his music generates, the numbers keep climbing higher and higher. It is fitting that Kelley has made inroads into high quality video production. It is also fitting that the video is to compliment his song I’m So High.

Featuring Kelley getting his swag on amongst the sun and the sand and the beautiful women, I’m So High is telling Kelley’s story with the weed. Kelly is into big blunts and I cannot lie, If I smoked those bombers, I probably could not feel my feet on the ground either. Taking place on the Las Vegas strip this video hits all the right buttons for a music listener. From the shots of passing that blunt to the viewer this video brings us closer to the artist and his world that he wants to share. I laugh every time at the line, “I’m, so high right now, I can’t feel my own face.” I mean, who among us has not shared the same sensation from time to time.

The girls in the video deserve a special shout out as well.  They provide a vibe that goes far beyond just being easy on the eyes. Miming on the choruses what they bring to the table is a good juxtaposition to Kelley and what would be a one trick pony message song for weed. They add depth and contrast and fun to the whole project. Good on Kelley as a man that knows his limitations and what his audience will respond to. Don’t you hold the blunt too long and give this video a look-see. I don’t think you will be disappointed. And, if you are then take Darrel Kelley’s tacit advice and get yourself some blunts and bevy of women and take in some Las Vegas sights. Your feelings of disappointment will all go up in smoke.

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