Darrell Kelley THE CORONAVIRUS – Video Review

Darrell Kelley’s song THE CORONAVIRUS sounds like a government PSA, and it does have some good points to make. The video is slickly produced and is the next message song from Darrell, a caring man who obviously does his best to give good advice to people through the use of gospel, hip-hop and rap techniques. The production of the music falls in line with what is becoming a signature sound for this artist. The beats at the heart of the musical foundation seem to drive the proclamation of the message and they never are separated.

It is all about being one with the music, and the video of THE CORONAVIRUS, ironically on a label named Viral Records, is as well produced as a video can be these days. Somebody is paying attention to the new revolution in film and messaging that is taking all music out of the entertainment areas and into the political arena. This video is echoing the guidelines of the more cautious governors across the USA and the world messaging of the WHO. You will not get a lot of counterpoint images in this video. This is designed to be a panacea for your mind and to wisely encourage you to follow the government guidelines. One can only imagine.

The only problem is that the video, replete with the cartoon like images of the virus itself intercut with yellow and black quarantine police tape makes it feel too manipulative for this reviewer to just gush about all of the musical merits involved. They are there, to be sure, and taking care of one’s own health is a worthy goal, but the way artists seem to be all too willing to conform is disturbing. Something about all of this media hyperbole seems wrong to me. But that’s merely my humble opinion.

Darrell Kelley has been putting out message songs for a long while now. Slowly building up his community through releases and hitting the charts, this is the latest video of his to continue that tack. It is also the first one that feels slightly off, even though the overall message and motive is one of caring for his fellow man and it hurts no one. I hope this crisis ends soon so Kelley can go back to the basics learned in religion about man. It seems to be more truthful in the end. The bottom line is this is a good song done in great video style with a good message and great production value. You can’t argue too much with that.

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