An Exclusive No Fly Zone Magazine Interview With Kimberly Williams

The No Fly Zone Magazine is happy to introduce our readers to Kimberly Williams, a wonderful award-winning performer who shares the love of God through her music.

NFZ: What is the behind the scenes story as to why you first got into the music business?

KW: Music has always been a part of my life. I performed my first solo in church at the age of 5 and I have been singing ever since. As a teenager, I would daydream about being on stage and singing to large crowds. As I got older and started to write songs I believed and still believe I have a message of hope, love, and forgiveness to a world that needs a positive message. It’s almost like I HAVE to sing. It energizes and fulfills me as I share with others.

NFZ: Do you usually collaborate with any other artists when you record?

KW: I have and I find it enjoyable. It has pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I have collaborated with rap artists to hopefully draw in a fan base who might not typically listen to contemporary Gospel or Gospel music. It was a lot of fun. Check out my singles, “Show me You” and “He’s Coming Back”.

NFZ: Could you tell our readers about what is your process when you write songs?

KW: I typically spend time thinking about what is going on in the world and in my own life. I also pray a lot during the writing process, asking God to help me convey my message clearly. I almost always come up with a title or sentence, related to what life is bringing at that time, and then I am able to write around that subject.

NFZ: Any new music currently in the works?

KW: Yes, Yes, Yes! I have been working from home for the past several months and I have written several songs. I am super excited about my next release which is titled “SURRENDER”. I cannot wait for everyone to hear it.

NFZ: You’ve been nominated and have won some pretty impressive awards during your career. Please share with our readers a bit about that.

KW: I was nominated and won vocalist of the year (Gospel choice music Award) in 2019. It was exciting to bring home the award and I was able to perform my song “Only A Prayer Away” at the awards show. It was well-received. That same year I was nominated for a Showtime ENT Gospel Music Award. I did not win, but I was able to perform at the main event. In 2020 I was nominated for another Gospel Choice music Award and while I did not win, my video was aired at the virtual show performing my single “Peace of God”.

NFZ: Besides being involved in the music business you’re also a mental healthcare provider. Can you tell us a bit about that and how the two professions sometimes converge?

KW: Yes, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). I am in private practice and often offer music as a way of healing and reflection for my clients. Sometimes there is no better way to say it, except I sing to them. I find music coupled with counseling can be extremely effective.

NFZ: Who some of the artists, past or present, you either like to listen to or draw inspiration from?

KW: This list is so long. I was sometimes called “little Aretha” growing up. I love her! I was and remain a huge Whitney Houston fan. Currently, you will find Jason Nelson, Todd Dulaney, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Tauren Wells, and PJ Morton at the top of my list. They offer worship music that inspires me.

NFZ: Any particular current artists you’d care to work with?

KW: If anyone knows PJ Morton, tell him I am available to work! Seriously, I would love to work with anyone who has a heart for God and who wants to get a positive message to the world. I believe inspirational music is critical in the times we are in.

NFZ: Are you involved in any political causes or charitable actives?

KW: My daughter has a big heart and has a program called Ciara Cares. I help her gather items and feed the homeless. She is currently in college but started this in H.S and I continue to work for this cause as much as possible.

NFZ: If you had the power to change anything in today’s world, what would you change?

KW: It would definitely be to eliminate homelessness and hatred.

NFZ: Is there something about that your fans don’t know and would probably surprise them?

KW: They might be surprised to know that I can be funny. I love to laugh and make others laugh.

NFZ: What’s the best way for your fans to follow and/or get in touch with you?

KW: These are the best locations to find me:

Or go to my website to stay connected:

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