Elefantkiller Says Merry Xmas with “Santa Brought Me Coke” Carol

Elefantkiller is a new band that’s been destroying New York City’s live music scene with their unique brand of mashable music and on stage performance which could only be described as “Speed Punk”. Guitarist and vocalist Enrique Nazario shreds away like a banshee atop of the tight rhythm section provided by bassist James Lane and drummer Big Z. Think of it as the razor sharp precision of metal Gods such as Metallica coupled with the reckless, unpolished tongue-in-cheek gymnastic like lyrics of Fear, no wait… better yet… Suicidal Tendencies! Know what I’m talking about, Brah?

No? Well then, let me break it down for you this way. It’s angry, relentless, disturbing, at times it’s distressing, volatile, explosive, then at other times muscular, sinewy and visceral. But it’s always fun, fun, fun and Daddy’s damn well not tacking anyone’s f’ing T-Bird away. One band member, who insisted on remaining anonymous, put it this way, “We sing about breaking sh*t, war and death, cocaine crushing pills, and stabbing people that piss us the f**k off, all in the context of trying to deal with everyday life, which at times makes you want to engulf in hate and fire!”

Wait???? Did someone just say something about cocaine? Damn straight they did, because Elefantkiller just debuted a little Christmas carol ditty they lovingly titled “Santa Brought Me Coke”. Not quite sure the cops would buy that alibi but as carols go it gives a new meaning to “White Christmas”. After offering a poetic comparison of newly fallen snow to Sigmund Freud’s and Sherlock Holmes’ favorite addictive substance they take it one Cheech and Chong step further by pointing out how the runners on the Fat Man’s reindeer drawn sled looks a lot like a razor blade resting on a mirror. Before you know it a very wired Old Saint Nick is hopping on the roof, bouncing down the fire escape (hey, this is a NYC band so forget about sliding down some freaking chimney) with a bulging bag of (can you guess?) COCAINE!

So what next could these poor boys do except shovel that snow into a few lines, snort some up the old nose, call some Ho-Ho-Ho’s and party like it’s 1999. “Santa Brought Me Coke” is a good way for Elefantkiller (https://www.elefantkiller.net) to wrap up 2017. Word on the street is that come 2018 they’ll be finishing and releasing their first album called “Supersonic Blow Machine”. Just say blow apparently is going to be a common thread running though their music so pick up a straw, clear your nose and go doe-see-doe because these tusk tugging troopers are going to pretty, pretty, pretty hard to forget.